S. George Brown album cover

1.  Ain't That A Kick In The Head (S.Cahn, J. Van Heusen)  
2.  Ever Since You've Been Gone (SG Brown, B.Perison) mp3 sample
3.  Before We Say Goodnight (SG Brown, B.Perison) mp3 sample
4.  Fly Me To The Moon (B.Howard)  
5.  Play Me (N.Diamond)  
6.  Oh Pretty Lady (R.McGuire, B.Smith)  
7.  Your Love (SG Brown, B.Perison) mp3 sample
8.  You've Got A Friend (C.King)  
9.  Falling From Love (SG Brown, B.Perison)  
10. Someone To Watch Over Me (G.Gershwin, I.Gershwin)  
11. All Of Me (G. Marks, S.Simons)  
12. One For My Baby (J.Mercer, H.Arlen)  

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